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Spine HR

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Spine HR Suite process complete records of the employees fulfill most of compliance, that takes care of all your requirements relating to management, workflow and accounting employees.

Sales CRM Software


We brings to you technology enabling businesses to make smart decisions based on facts and figures gained from clever data mining, statistics, modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Future proof your business with the help of our technology providing predictive analytics, business health monitoring and intelligent business insights.


While it may be tempting to dispense with human technology interaction element our technology is build with a laser sharp focus on the end users. By ensuring that they are able to enjoy a super easy user experience.

Sales Man Mobile app

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Location &

Watch your field team live through GPS.

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Attendance Management

Field agents check-in and check-out with live pics.

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Order Management

Sales Reps Visit and book orders on the mobile app.

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Distribution Management

Orders supplied by distributors on the app.

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Dashboard & Insights

Customised dashboards - see exactly what matters for you.

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Field Activity Tracking

Create & track field activities as per your business needs.

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Route Planning

Make schedules to visit customers and do activities.

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GPS Camera

Capture pics with GPS location with every visit.

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Offline Mode

Seamless work for field team without an internet connection.

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Primary & Secondary Sales

Company to distributor and distributor to retail outlet sales in a single system.

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Task & Meetings

Create, assign and track tasks and meetings on the go.

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Mails, Call Logs, Instant Messenger

All your communication with customers at one place.

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Expense Reimbursement

Expenses incurred by field team managed & reimbursed.

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Invoice, Inventory & Outstanding

Get everything you need in a single package.


Seamless integration with Tally, ERP or other systems.

Web base ERP

A practical limitation that you face, is the maintenance of address and other relevant details of suppliers & vendors especially if these records are kept in Manual registers and books.